Content Views

For each channel, you have the option between a “Summary” visual view, which includes panels, or a “Stream” list view, which is articles only.

To alternate between the two views, use the tabs located at the top of your channel’s dash. You can also change your default view from a channel’s settings, as depicted in the section: Set Up Channels

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Focused Results

Use the “focused” option when you need only the most specific and relevant results. The “focused” option is especially helpful for large companies that garner a significant amount of results.

Focused Results


Broader Results

Use the “broader” option to explore related topics and connections you may not have thought to include in your original filtering. Click the [x] button in the upper right corner to temporarily remove the options bar from your view.

Broader Results

There are two reading formats for the stream view: Collapsed View and Standard View, as indicated by two right corner icons.

Two Stream Views


Stream View Formats

  • Standard View: This view has a headline along with initial content text.Stream View Standard


  • Collapsed View: This is the default view and offers a compressed view made up of a headline with a few sources and tags.Stream View Collapsed


Select the left hand drop-down “Show All” to view only stream content that falls within a QuickView. Filters can also be applied to your view.

Show All


For more information on QuickViews, see: QuickViews
For more information on filtering, see: Filters


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Flag Content

  1. Click a headline in your stream view to see more information
  2. Select “Flag content”, located next to the Full Article iconFlag Content
  3. Select a reason for flagging from the resulting listReason for Flagging
  4. If desired, manually enter an alternate reason for flagging


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