QuickViews are filters that can be saved for instant access, narrowed by “Topics” and “Sources” of your choosing. QuickViews give you the ability to view information at the intersection of those topics and sources for the most relevant, precise results.


Once the narrowed-down results are saved as a QuickView, these views can be accessed from two locations:


In the stream view drop-down
QuickViews can be accessed from the drop-down list upon selecting “Show All” in the left corner of your stream view of information. For an explanation of this streaming list view, see: Content Views

Show All Quickviews


In the “What’s New” panel
Saved QuickViews can be accessed in the “What’s New” panel, in icon form. To see new updates for all QuickViews in a channel, select View more in the “What’s New” panel, located above the icons. For more information on the “What’s New” panel, see the section: What’s New Panel

QuickView in What's New

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Filters allow you to quickly search through content along main areas within Topic Filters and Source Filters.




Topic Filters

  • Sales Triggers: business expansions, M&A speculations, bankruptcies, and more
  • Business Basics: analyst comments, awards & recognitions, and more
  • Products & Services: tailored to your channel’s company
  • Buyer Roles: quotes & news from CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and more
  • Competitors: tailored to your channel’s company
  • Regions: filter by locations of your choosing
  • Verticals: technology, healthcare, and more
  • Custom: filter by companies or themes of your choosing


Filter Topics


Source Filters

  • News and Web
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • News Wires
  • Medical Journals
  • Industry Sources


Filter Sources


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QuickViews & Emails

QuickViews have the additional advantage of being applicable to the insights you receive in your email updates. QuickViews can help organize your “What’s New” email briefs by the insights and analytics you need most.


Organize a What’s New Email

Subscribe to a “What’s New” email format as outlined in 
Email Updates
. While setting up your “What’s New” email, organize it by sections, with sections being the available QuickViews in that channel.

  1. Click the plus [+] icon
  2. Select desired sections/QuickViews
  3. Select desired days and time periods
  4. Click Save in the upper right corner


Subscribe to Emails from Panel GIF


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