Set Up Your Accounts Channel

The Accounts channel provides actionable insights, updates, daily top articles, and competitor activity tailored around the companies you track.


Your personal accounts can be uploaded to the “Accounts Channel” in three different ways: manually adding one-by-one, importing from CRM, or uploading from an XLS/CSV file.


Manually Adding Accounts

  1. Being sure to separate objects one per line, type in companies, tickers, or SEDOLs under “Add Your Accounts”
  2. Click Add to List to finish adding your desired accounts
  3. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save




Note: If the added company is an incorrect match or not covered, see: Edit Incorrect Company Matching


Importing Accounts from CRM

  1. Click Import from Salesforce
  2. Sign in to your Salesforce account
  3. Click Allow to grant FirstRain access to your Salesforce
  4. Select desired accounts and click Import
  5. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Import from Salesforce


Uploading from XLS/CSV

  1. Click Upload XLS/CSV
  2. Select desired CSV file 
  3. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Import from CSV


Note: All Account channels can be re-named by selecting in the “Channel Name” bar and typing a new name or your choosing. For more information on re-naming channels, see the section: Rename Channels


Renaming Channel


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Set Up Your Companies To Watch Channel

The Companies To Watch Channel is for alerts on top developments with real-time insights of the companies you track. 

  1. Enter a company, ticket, or SEDOL in the bar
  2. Apply desired “Region” or “Industry” limitations
  3. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Companies to Watch


Note: You can copy and paste multiple company names from a separate document into FirstRain, as long as they are one name per line.


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Set Up Your Competitors Channel

The Competitors channel provides competitor activity, rankings, updates, and daily top articles.


  1. Make a selection from the drop-down, “Find Competitors Of”
  2. Select competitors you wish to track from the resulting list
  3. If desired, select “Filter competitor with business lines” 
  4. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save

Competitors Channel



Note: You can select in the drop-down from your own organization’s competitors or from other companies.


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Set Up Your Product Lines Channel

The Product Lines channel is for top influencers, market drivers, and daily top articles filtered by product lines.

  1. Select “Product Lines” from the provided list that you wish to track
  2. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Product Lines


Note: FirstRain will automatically provide a list of “Product Lines” based on your company’s profile settings that have been configured by your account Administrator.


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Set Up Your Territories and Vertical Channels

The Territories channel provides a daily list of companies to watch, new product launches, top influencers, and market drivers by region. The Verticals channel covers the same topics, but by verticals.


  1. Select desired territories or verticals to target
  2. If desired, select verticals or territories to filter by
  3. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Territory Markets Channel


Note: Click on plus (+) signs to see sub-options within both territories and verticals.


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Build Your Own Channel

Build your own channel for a customized view of the topics, themes, or companies of your choice.

  1. Enter a name for your channel
  2. Enter keywords, themes, topics, companies, or other interests for your channel to track
  3. If desired, click on the plus (+) sign to see filters
  4. Click Create Channel in the top right corner to save


Custom Channel


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Browse Shared Channels

Shared channels are those that an Admin has shared with you for a cohesive, group view of the channel’s content. You can select whether or not to add a channel that has been shared with you.

You can remove any topic or company from your view of any shared channel by deselecting the topic or company while editing the channel. For more information on editing channels, see the section: Manage Channels

Note: If you wish to add topics or companies to a shared channel or apply other additional edits, you will need to copy it as a personal channel, see the section: Copy Shared Channels

Browse Shared Channels

How to Join Shared Channels

  1. Click the ADD button located in the left sidebar menu
  2. Select “Browse shared channels” indicated by the silhouette icon
  3. Select desired channels*
  4. Click ADD

Added channels will be available from your left sidebar menu.

*Note: Only channels that have been already shared with you by an administrator will be available for you to add.


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