What’s New Panel

The What’s New panel summarizes the most relevant, daily updates, generally including sales triggers, earnings and financials, and any QuickViews you have created. For more information on QuickViews, see the section: QuickViews


What's New Panel


The accompanying number indicates update quantity. Click on the icon to view those specific updates.


What's New Panel Updates


“View more” presents these new updates in list format.

What's New - View More



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FirstReads Panel

The FirstReads panel lists the highest-ranked articles within your channel, with ranking determined by your role. Content is extracted and categorized by your chosen company or topic. This panel is ideal for instantly gathering the most important and relevant information on your topic or company of interest.



Click any summary to view the article’s excerpt or select the bookmark icon to read at a later time. From the excerpt, you have the options to share, open the full article, save for later, or flag the content. The sidebar presents clickable related companies, topics, and tweets.

FirstReads Mentioned



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Who To Call Panel

The Who To Call panel provides ranked events from the last 24 hours, categorized by colored flame icons:

  • Red: “Deal Threats & Accelerators”
  • Green: “Reasons to Check-In”
  • Blue: “Good to Know”


Click any company to see a list of relevant content, still labeled by trigger category.


Who to Call


If the panel is presenting article summaries rather than company logos and names, this means there are only a few articles and these are instead presented for context.


Who to Call - other view


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Management Changes Panel

The Management Changes panel outlines recent and planned executive movements, from hires and promotions to demotions and departures. Beyond executives, high-level management and Board of Directors movements are also taken into account.


Management Changes


Changes can be tracked at-a-glance with company joins highlighted in green, departures in red, and internal movements in blue.


If desired, filter changes by company from the top left drop-down. Click any change to view the related source article.


Management Changes - Filter Company


Select “View more” to see management changes in list format, filterable by company from the top left drop-down.


Management Changes - View More


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Key Developments Panel

The Key Developments panel visually presents summaries of recent events affecting your channel. Click any headline to open the full source. Developments are placed in three categories:


  1. Customer Win
    Covers companies securing both new and additional business from existing customers and partners.Customer Win
  1. Recent Acquisition
    Presents corporate strategic management and restructuring, along with news and speculation of acquisitions.Recent Acquisitions
  1. New Facilities
    Covers management of physical infrastructure and operations, including location expansions in terms of new offices and facilities.New Facilities
  2. Noteworthy
    Covers spiking news events and potentially impactful developments around your channel’s topics.


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Social Commentary Panel

The Social Commentary panel keeps you up-to-date on discussions relevant to your channel, outlined by a timeline of Tweets and extracted quotes.


Social Commentary


Commentary comes from executives, company employees, and business analysts. From the top right drop-down, the view can be filtered by all commentary or only Tweets, Quotes by company and Quotes about company.


Social Commentary - Filter


Click any commentary to open the full source article or select the bookmark icon to save for later.


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FirstTweets Panel

The FirstTweets panel leverages Twitter’s business value. Latest Tweets are extracted and categorized by your chosen company or topic. The top left number indicates the number of same Tweets.


FirstTweets - topic


Select any summary to view the full Tweet, in addition to an excerpt of any articles referenced in the Tweet. The right sidebar provides the Twitter handle and profile description.


FirstTweets - Summary


From the excerpt, you can share, open the full Tweet or relevant articles, bookmark, or flag content.


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Top Competitors Panel

The Top Competitors panel lists the top companies in a product line of your selecting.


Top Competitors


Modify your product, or business, line view with the comparison drop-down.


Top Competitors - Filter


Rank is based on web volume within your selected time period: month, quarter, or half-year.


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Reasons To Call Panel

The Reasons To Call panel provides a breakdown of daily developments and triggers with high potential impacts on your account, categorized by colored flame icons:

  • Red: “Deal Threats & Accelerators”
  • Green: “Reasons to Check-In”
  • Blue: “Good to Know”


Reasons to Call


Click any summary to view an excerpt or select the bookmark icon to save for later. From the excerpt you can share, open the full article, bookmark, or flag content.


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Spiking Topics Panel

The Spiking Topics panel illustrates competitors, market drivers, and regions related to your channel and trending within the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, depending on your selection from the bottom left buttons.


Spiking Topics


The circles are defined by size and color, similar to those of the heat maps in the Influencers and Market Drivers panel.

  • The Larger the Size, the greater the web volume
  • The Darker the Color, the greater the deviation from a 30-day average

Hover over any circle to see it’s text expanded. Click any circle to view a list of related articles.

Spiking Topics - hover


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News and Activity Timeline Panel

The News and Activity Timeline panel provides an interactive timeline graph measuring web volume of significant events over the past six months.


News and Activity Timeline - hover


Boxes indicate activity category:

  • News events
  • Management changes


Hover over any category box to view a summary. Select any category box to open the full source article.


News and Activity Timeline - hover


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