Content Views

For each channel, you have the option between a “Summary” visual view, which includes panels, or a “Stream” list view, which is articles only.

To alternate between the two views, use the tabs located at the top of your channel’s dash. You can also change your default view from a channel’s settings, as depicted in the section: Set Up Channels

Go to Stream - bottom


Focused Results

Use the “focused” option when you need only the most specific and relevant results. The “focused” option is especially helpful for large companies that garner a significant amount of results.

Focused Results


Broader Results

Use the “broader” option to explore related topics and connections you may not have thought to include in your original filtering. Click the [x] button in the upper right corner to temporarily remove the options bar from your view.

Broader Results

There are two reading formats for the stream view: Collapsed View and Standard View, as indicated by two right corner icons.

Two Stream Views


Stream View Formats

  • Standard View: This view has a headline along with initial content text.Stream View Standard

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  • Collapsed View: This is the default view and offers a compressed view made up of a headline with a few sources and tags.Stream View Collapsed


Select the left hand drop-down “Show All” to view only stream content that falls within a QuickView. Filters can also be applied to your view.

Show All


For more information on QuickViews, see: QuickViews
For more information on filtering, see: Filters


Set Up Channels

Each channel type can be customized for your business needs. This section will walk you through setting up each channel type.




To begin adding any channel, simply click the ADD button, located in the sidebar.

While setting up a channel, you can choose whether to have a Summary view as your default of a Stream view using the checkboxes. The “Summary” view is a visual, filtered view while “Stream” is in list format. For more information on views, see the section: Content Views

For specialized steps per adding each separate channel type, continue on in this guide.


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Browse Shared Channels

Shared channels are those that an Admin has shared with you for a cohesive, group view of the channel’s content. You can select whether or not to add a channel that has been shared with you.

You can remove any topic or company from your view of any shared channel by deselecting the topic or company while editing the channel. For more information on editing channels, see the section: Manage Channels

Note: If you wish to add topics or companies to a shared channel or apply other additional edits, you will need to copy it as a personal channel, see the section: Copy Shared Channels

Browse Shared Channels

How to Join Shared Channels

  1. Click the ADD button located in the left sidebar menu
  2. Select “Browse shared channels” indicated by the silhouette icon
  3. Select desired channels*
  4. Click ADD

Added channels will be available from your left sidebar menu.

*Note: Only channels that have been already shared with you by an administrator will be available for you to add.


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Update Your Password

  1. Select the arrow symbol next to your name in the left sidebar Arrow Name
  2. Select “Account Settings” from the resulting drop-down Account Settings
  3. Enter your current password in the first bar Change Password
  4. Enter desired password in the following two bars
  5. Click Change Password to complete your password update


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Update Email Address for Briefs

  1. Select the arrow symbol next to your name in the left sidebar Arrow Name
  2. Select “Account Settings” from the resulting drop-down Account Settings
  3. Enter desired email address to receive briefs Different Email
  4. Click Save Changes to complete your email address update


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Panel Types

  • Company Facts: provides company information on, among other topics, the number of employees, financials, and market growth
  • FirstReads*: provides a list of the highest-ranked articles
  • FirstTweets: provides business-relevant tweets on interests including, among other topics, executive and analyst commentary, company shares, and product initiatives
  • Influencers & Market Drivers: provides heat maps displaying “Business Influencers” and “Market Drivers” with boxes defined by size and color:
    • Larger size: greater web volume
    • Darker color: greater percentage increase in flow of volume
  • Key Developments: provides key developments on, among other topics, customers wins, acquisitions, and new facilities
  • Management Changes: provides key management changes at the executive level including, among other topics, new hires, departures, internal moves, and board changes
  • News & Activity: provides a graph measuring web volume of significant events over the past six months with events including key news events and management changes
  • Reasons to Call: provides a breakdown of recent developments and triggers with high potential impacts on your accounts within the past 24 hours corresponding to colored flame icons
    • Red: “Deal Threats & Accelerators”
    • Green: “Reasons to Check-In”
    • Blue: “Good to Know”
  • Spiking Topics: provides trending subjects on, among other topics, companies, market drivers, and trending topics
  • Social Commentary: provides business-relevant commentary that can be filtered by commentary, tweets, quotes by company, or quotes about company
  • Subsidiaries to Watch: provides top subsidiaries in real-time ranking based on quality of recent activity, key developments, and insights
  • Top Competitors: lists top competitors, which can be filtered by product line
  • What’s New: provides a summary view of the latest updates since your last login including, among other topics, ranked articles, sales triggers, management changes, and recent developments
  • Who to Call: provides ranked triggers discovered within the last 24 hours corresponding to colored flame icons
    • Red: “Deal Threats & Accelerators”
    • Green: “Reasons to Check-In”
    • Blue: “Good to Know”

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*Note: This panel is ideal for quickly gathering only the most important and relevant information on your specific topic of interest.


Influencers & Market Drivers Panel

The Influencers & Market Drivers panel provides heat maps visualizing “Business Influencers”, relevant companies currently trending, and “Market Drivers”, relevant industry topics currently trending.


The heat map boxes are defined by size and color. 

  • The Larger the Size, the greater the web volume
  • The Darker the Color, the greater the deviation from a 30-day average 

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Influencers & Market Drivers


Hover over boxes to view impact by topic or company. Click boxes to view content supporting the impact.


Influencers & Market Drivers - Hover