Email Updates

FirstRain allows you to set up tailored email updates on your channels and panels. You can subscribe to email updates using three different methods: from a channel’s view, from a panel’s view, or using the left sidebar. These methods will be described below, beginning with: Subscribe to Emails from a Channel


FirstRain can send you emails on specific panel updates that you want to receive in your inbox. There are three formats in which you can view your email updates. To cover multiple channels in one email, see the section: Subscribe to a Single Email on Multiple Channels


Email Formats

  • What’s New: Provides a roundup of FirstRead updates across all interests in your channel, including dedicated sections for QuickViews and filters that you can customize. For information on QuickViews for emails, see the section: QuickViews & Emails.
  • Who to Call: Provides a daily summary of which accounts to focus on, based on the priority level and volume of trigger events detected.
  • Detail View: Provides a longer newsletter format that lists up to nine updates for each interest tracked in your channel.


Note: Accounts channels are the only standard channels offering a “Who to Call” option.


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