Meeting Briefs

FirstRain for Mobile allows you to sync your calendar with Meeting Briefs for a comprehensive, up-to-date snapshot of your client business. For more
information on mobile apps, see the section: Mobile Application

Set Up Meeting Briefs

  1. Open your FirstRain mobile application
  2. Click the three line icon to access the left sidebar menu
  3. Select “Meeting Briefs” as also indicated by a calendar icon
  4. Select “Get Started” in the Welcome message
  5. Select desired calendar to sync from the resulting list
  6. Select “OK” to enable notifications or “Don’t Allow” to disable notificationsMeeting brief start

Modify Meeting Briefs 

  1. Click the gears icon in the upper right corner
  2. To enable or disable “Notifications” toggle the icon to green or white respectively
  3. To enable or disable “Internal Meetings” toggle the icon to green or white respectively
  4. Select any “Calendars” you wish to make visible
  5. Select “Done” in the upper right corner to save

Mobile Settings


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