Standard API v2 Developer Guide

FirstRain APIs make it easier to develop solutions by providing the essential building blocks to simplify and build applications. They include the functions, protocols and tools to support simple drop-in style integrations, and extend all the way to sophisticated integrations that blend workflow and include personalization.


The FirstRain APIs provide rich, powerful access to FirstRain Content, Meta-data, and Analytics. They are available for access and usage by FirstRain strategic customers and partners, subject to valid authentication.

The following types of API are currently available:

  • Standard APIs -enable the integration and delivery of FirstRain analytics, content and associated personalization into 3rd party applications.
  • Partner APIs -enable the advanced / deep integration of FirstRain content acquisition and processing with select partners.

Location and Access

  • The Standard APIs are available at: https://api.firstrain.com
  • The Partner APIs are available at: https://partner.firstrain.com/api

Standard API Developer Guide

FirstRain Standard APIs provide enterprise developers with real-time programmatic access to…

  • Big data analytics derived from millions of sources, documents and social media interactions from across the global web
  • The deep, interconnected relationships between companies, businesses and markets
  • See and engage with personal predictive analytics across all channels / access points


Example applications of FirstRain Standard APIs include:

  • Access to highly relevant, trusted results related to industries, companies, and the target markets they serve
  • Providing added value that encourages customer to stay inside the target platform, longer and more often
  • Leading / bridging users, via idea generation toward trade execution
  • Filling in the picture beyond numbers and discrete research reports
  • Providing clearly differentiated features for users
  • Personalization and alerting to increase stickiness and overall usage

FirstRain Standard API

FirstRain Standard APIs are configured to:

  • Enable use
  • Serve Content and Analytics
  • Personalize the information experience

To meet the stringent demands of enterprise-level applications, the FirstRain Standard APIs are:

  • Structured to enable adoption, broad use and support
  • Consistent in their use of industry standard formats
  • Parameterized to facilitate mapping to customer needs
  • Secure interactions aligned with enterprise expectations
  • Predictable Performance aligned with customer SLAs
  • Highly Available to align with expectations and usage
  • Supported from design, integration, through to operational use

Secure Access

FirstRain uses HTTPS and CRUD / REST interactions to provide secure integration


Create, or add new items

  • All parameters are in the Request Body, in JSON format

Read, retrieve, search, or view existing items

  • All parameters are in the URL

Update or edit existing items

  • All parameters are in the Request Body, in JSON format

Delete /deactivate existing entries

  • All parameters are in the URL

Application Oriented Results

The FirstRain Standard APIs offer a variety of result formats aligned with end-customer usage and facilitate a wide variety of integration options.

At the most basic level, there are two types of results

  • iFrame-ready HTML is the easiest to integrate. The drop-in HTML requires minimal customer integration. The delivered HTML is responsive to frame sizing. As an option, the returned HTML can be styled to align with the branding of the end application.
  • Data formatted in JSON best serves end-user applications that require a more involved workflow-oriented integration, or server-side processing prior to display.

The returned data has 3 customer-selectable flavors

  • Display-ready HTML fragments Intended for server-side integration with an HTML DIV. This is HTML that works out-of-the-box with a FirstRain default CSS. As an option, the returned HTML can be styled to align with the branding of the end application.
  • JSON encoded data related to the content for end-user interpretation and subsequent display.
  • Meta data (the matched Topics, Companies, Regions). Sufficient to inform a customer’s CMS / Advert selection engine.

FirstRain Information Model

Companies exist to compete with other Companies in markets of interest with product they make, and/or services they deliver. This in encapsulated in the core of the FirstRain Information Model, in what we call the Business Web Graph.


The FirstRain Standard APIs operate on this information model. They enable access to information and configuration related to…

  • Users who can have personalized views. The existence of a User and associated Configuration or Profile enables a whole range of personalization.
  • Core Entities that serve as essential information constructs. These are Companies, Topics, Industries, and People. Each Entitiy is represented by a unique identifier, we call a SearchToken.
  • Containers that enable us to configure custom content.
  • Single Items of information, such as Documents, Tweets, Events, etc.
  • Actions that can be taken, such as email, sharing, etc.

Provisioning, Authentication & Customization

Provisioning and Authentication

A valid authentication key (authKey) is required to run any FirstRain Standard API. The same authKey is valid across all APIs for which a customer is provisioned.

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Authentication keys enable the application of FirstRain into a Customer’s internal or external platform of choice.

  • Different applications of FirstRain require separate authentication keys
  • Each application should maintain its own authentication key (authKey)
  • Authentication keys do expire and require periodic regeneration.


The APIs make use of parameters to configure and adjust the returned results. For instance:

  • The number of returned items
  • Pagination of results
  • The sizing of Visual Analytics (HTML only)
  • Whether to “Frame” a Section with title and borders (HTML only)

As an option FirstRain offers the ability to adjust the look and feel of the returned HTML, through the use of CSS.