Quick Start Guide

Follow these core four steps to get up and running in moments with this guide for new, motivated users or those users updating from an old version.


First, Activate

  1. Select the “Activate Your Account” link in your activation email
  2. Set your new password as instructed
  3. Click Update to save
  4. Select your company role


Second, Create Channels

  1. Check or uncheck desired or undesired channels
  2. Click Save
  3. Select any new channel in the side bar and follow the walk-through flow to set it up


Third, Enter Accounts

  1. Select your Accounts channel
  2. Follow Step 3, 4, or 5
  3. Manually enter Accounts: Being sure to separate objects one per line, type in companies, tickers, or SEDOLs under “Add Your Accounts”
  4. Import Accounts from Salesforce: Click Import from Salesforce, sign in to your Salesforce account, select accounts, click Import
  5. Import Accounts from File: Click Upload XLS/CSV, select file
  6. Click Create Channel or Update Channel in the top right corner to save


Fourth, Set Up Emails

  1. Select [Your Name], located in the left sidebar
  2. Select Email Settings
  3. Select desired update categories and days to receive updates for each desired channel
  4. Click Save


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