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There are three search result sections: Latest Results, Company Profile, and Explore. For more information on general searching, see the section: Search


Explore Search

The “Explore” button enhances your search with trending phrases, intersecting companies and topics (a BETA feature,) and closely related companies and topics. The “Explore” button has three views.

Explore Options

Trending Phrases

Explore - Trending Phrases

Trending phrases can be found by selecting the scattered bar icon. A word cloud summarizes the key topics and phrases associated with your search term. Each phrase is clickable to modify articles you receive.

Explore - Trending Phrases of the Moment



Intersections Explorer (BETA)

Explore - Intersecting Companies

You can access the “Intersections Explorer” by selecting the circular icon. This visualization presents the overlaps made by top companies and trending topics with your search term. The explorer is interactive, providing additional information as you hover over or click on different pieces.

Intersecting Companies



Related Searches

Explore - Closely Related

The “Related Searches” view, as indicated by the three bar icon includes “Competitors”, “Related Companies”, and “Related Topics”. Select from these recommendations for additional articles and information.

Explore - Closely Related Choices


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